Home Media Designs is a home entertainment firm in Fairfield County, Connecticut specializing in home theaters, audio and video systems, light control, home automation, computer networks, plasmas, surrouond sound, high definition and more.

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Today’s residential homes require multiple service providers to connect digital and analog services such as broadband DSL or Cable modem, standard or digital (VOIP) telephone as well as digital Cable and Satellite television signals to the home’s internal equipment.

Homeowners typically identify the junction point where all of these services enter the house as their “rat’s nest” or “spaghetti” of wires located in the basement utility area.

Structured wiring is a highly organized whole-house wiring methodology used to address current and emergent technologies installed in the modern home. Simply put, a centrally located wiring panel is installed to properly manage wiring and connectivity for the home’s low voltage systems.
Structured wiring project